by Mahesh More 2.1k views

Eclipse IDE Plugins that every programmer must-have. These free and easy to use plugins help you to boost your productivity.

by Imran Shaikh 8.7k views

Java 17 is about to release in September 2021, so I thought now would be a great time to give you some updates on what …

by Imran Shaikh 1.2k views

All the Sorting Algorithms code in one single page. Get a quick glance in sorting code is in Java for your interview. I have written …

by Imran Shaikh 2.5k views

Create a chat application with spring web-socket. A very simple and basic group instant messaging chat application with a beautiful UI.

by Imran Shaikh 429 views

3 magical steps for latest or any jdk installation. You can have multiple versions of JDK at the same time and switch between them very …

by Imran Shaikh 1.6k views

These 7 Intellij IDEA shortcuts can skyrocket your productivity while coding. To be honest, you don’t need to learn every shortcut, these seven are enough.

by Imran Shaikh 355 views

As a human we are bound to do mistakes, aren’t we? the mistakes a rookie or a newbie programmer makes, as I did, and later …

by Imran Shaikh 14.6k views

We will talk about all the things about the JDBC connection pool and its implementation using HikariCP. HikariCP is one of the fastest connection pooling


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