by Imran Shaikh 3.2k views

On 22 March 2022, The JDK 18 or Java 18 is released to the public (from Oracle). Java 18 …

by Imran Shaikh 11k views

An interview cant be complete without this question. HashMap working contains most of the concept we used in our …

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Why Developers Love Linux. It’s a Kernel of Operating Systems that shapes our 21st-century technologies. Let’s talk about Why …

by Imran Shaikh 1.1k views

memory monitoring tools in Java. You will need them when you want to see how well or worst your …

by Imran Shaikh 4.4k views

Prefer using plain JDBC for huge data migration. One record at a time is too slow, instead use batch …

by Mahesh More 3.9k views

In Java memory management, a Garbage collector is the process by which Java programs perform automatic memory management. This …

by Imran Shaikh 8.7k views

Hey, Tea Lovers! Java 17 is about to release in September 2021, so I thought now would be a …

by Imran Shaikh 8.3k views

Hey, Tea Lovers! Let’s look at the 7 must-have IntelliJ Idea Plugins in 2021 for Java Developers. These plugins …

by Imran Shaikh 7.1k views

This Multi-Database HikariCP pool code aims to reduce the boilerplate code to a bare minimum, giving you a small …

by Imran Shaikh 6.8k views

The Squid Game in Java is the terminal based gamed based on the Netflix Squid Game. This post explains …

by Imran Shaikh 6k views

The Stream API, included in Java 8, is utilised for processing collections of objects. Stream API can make your …

by Mahesh More 5.8k views

Today we will talk about Java Memory Management with the example. We will look at the code and then …

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