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NodeJs’ This Exciting New Feature is Great – Bytea 8th Sep

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“Hello Devs”! Here are the top developer’s news summaries for you.

AI here, AI there, AI Everywhere. Stackoverflow flowing in AI, Google & ChatGPT your official Co-workers, the new NodeJS’s exciting feature, AWS for HPC, and many other developers’ news summaries.

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🤝 United by Programming

⬆️ Here is The New Node JS Feature You Wanted

On September 4th, the NodeJS team announced the new version of NodeJS, Node v20.6.0. It brings an update that will make NodeJs developers excited.

The update includes built-in .env file support. Yes, starting from Node.js v20.6.0, Node.js supports .env files for configuring environment variables. In addition to environment variables, this change allows you to define your NODE_OPTIONS directly in the .env file, eliminating the need to include it in your package.json

Other changes include:

import.meta.resolve unflagged, New node:module API register for module customization hooks; new initialize hook, Module customization load the hook can now support CommonJS. And much more. Read it in full detail on the official source below.

Source: Node v20.6.0 (Current)


📚 StackOverflow is Flowing in AI

Stack Overflow announced the roadmap for the integration of generative AI into their public platform, Stack Overflow for Teams, and brand new product areas, like an IDE integration that brings the vast knowledge of 58 million questions and answers from their community right into the area where developers find focus and get work done. Stack Overflow is putting all this work under the umbrella of OverflowAI.

Source: InfoQ.com

🏢 Google Duet AI now available in Google Workspace

Google is offering a free trial for Duet AI for Google Workspace.

Duet AI enhances collaboration by integrating real-time AI assistance into the workspace. This technology aims to make working with others more convenient and enjoyable.

Duet AI is also being integrated into Google Meet to enhance the quality of meetings and address audio and video quality, slow internet connections, and language barriers. This integration aims to improve participants’ visibility and audio clarity through features like studio-like appearance, lighting, and sound. 

Source: Google Duet AI now available in Google Workspace

🍭 ChatGPT is Becoming your Official Co-Worker

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT (of course you know), has announced the Enterprise version of the product. This product does not store or process the data provided to it for its training model, complying with a lot of privacy rules and regulations.

I couldn’t see any pricing as we need to contact sales first. It is said that it is $30 per user.

Source: Introducing ChatGPT Enterprise

☁️ Cloud and You

🏃‍♂️ AWS Got your back for HPC 🛥️

Do you have a requirement for High Performant Computing on the Cloud? Don’t worry. AWS has your back.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of Amazon EC2 Hpc7a instances, the next generation of instance types that are purpose-built for tightly coupled HPC workloads. Hpc7a instances powered by the 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors (Genoa) deliver up to 2.5 times better performance compared to Hpc6a instances. These instances offer 300 Gbps Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) bandwidth powered by the AWS Nitro System, for fast and low-latency internode communications.

Hpc7a instances feature sizes of up to 192 cores of the AMD EPYC processors CPUs with 768 GiB RAM. Here are the detailed specs:

Instance NameCPUsRAM (Gib)EFA Network Bandwidth (Gbps)Attached Storage
Hpc7a.12xlarge24768Up to 300EBS Only
Hpc7a.24xlarge48768Up to 300EBS Only
Hpc7a.48xlarge96768Up to 300EBS Only
Hpc7a.96xlarge192768Up to 300EBS Only

Source: Amazon EC2 Hpc7a Instances

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