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Tech News Summaries for Developers, 22 August


“Hello Devs”! Here are the news summaries for Dev for August 22.

You can read the previous summary on Google’s Project IDX: an AI-powered IDE and other Tech news

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🦋 Flutter 3.13 is now Fluttering 🦅

Flutter has announced version 3.13, their quarterly stable release. The update focuses on efficiency.

The team has made several improvements to Impeller — our new graphics renderer — and added new Engine APIs for foldable devices. It claims to have performance improvements in iOS. They also added new API to better support foldable devices.

The Team also made a number of improvements to the Material Framework to 1) offer more platform adaptability, 2) allow for more customization, and 3) add new capabilities.

Source: What’s new in Flutter 3.13

🔐 The More Secure NuGet 6.7

The NuGet 6.7, the NPM of .NET dev, is out with many security updates. The NuGet team has worked hard to update a lot of things biggest being the fixes of vulnerabilities.

The blog post, (link in next paragraph), mentioned several of updates including enhancements to package source mapping, new vulnerability APIs, package version dropdown changes, and new warning messages for a chain of trust issues.

NuGet 6.7 is included in Visual Studio 2022 but you can separately download it.

Source: NuGet 6.7

👨‍💻 The 7th Preview of .NET 8 for ASP.NET

Microsoft has recently released the .NET 8 Preview 7 with a plethora of changes to APS.NET Core.

The team added Antiforgery middleware, Native AOT updates, Major Blazor updates with Auto render mode, and Improved integration of interactive components with server-side rendering. They also included new Visual Studio Templates for SPA

Source: ASP.NET Core updates in .NET 8 Preview 7

💿 This is Redis. This is Redis. THIS IS REDIS. 7.2 🎶

Redis recently announced the General Availability of Redis 7.2 with a quite a few new features, bug fixes and improvements.

The headline for this version of Redis is Scalable Search and Auto Tiering.

Scalable search offers a 16x improvement in query throughput by blending sharding with vertical scaling.

Auto Tiering helps developers be more cost-effective with data storage, as heavily used data is kept in memory and less frequently needed data is moved to the SSD. This feature used to be called Redis on Flash and now it has been renamed and updated to provide more than twice the throughput

Source and Credit: Redis 7.2 is out with scalable search, Auto Tiering, and more

👋 See you the Day after Tomorrow ☀️

I hope you liked it, See you in the next post.

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