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This week Java Developers are happy, Bytea 5th Sept

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“Hello Devs”! Here are the top developer’s news summaries for you.

Java Developers will be delighted with Spring’s many releases, Hibernate with a game-changing update, new Linux, and bye-bye Macbook.

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☕️ Java Shava 🕺

👋 The N+1 Problem is Running Away from Spring 🍃

The Spring team has announced that Spring Data JDBC 3.2.0-M2 will mark the Beginning of the End of the N+1 Problem. The Power behind this claim is Single Query Loading.

Starting with Spring Data JDBC 3.2.0-M2, Spring Data JDBC supports Single Query Loading. Single Query Loading loads arbitrary aggregates with a single select statement.

To enable Single Query Loading you need to call setSingleQueryLoadingEnabled(true) on your RelationalMappingContext.

The team has explained the N+1 problem, solution, and idea behind this update. Check out the blog in the source below.

Source: Introducing Single Query Loading

🌰 Micronaut 4.1.0 with Bean Mapper

The team behind Micronaut Framework, The Micronaut Foundation, has released the latest version of Micronut 4.1.0. The highlight of this update is Bean Mapper automatically maps one type to another.

Other changes include Introspection Builder, Improvements for developers using Kotlin Symbol Processing (KSP), and much more. Read on official release post in the source given below.


😪 Hibernate Six dot Three dot Zero and 6.2.8

The Hibernate team has simultaneously released the ORMs version 6.3.0 and 6.2.8. With the release of 6.3.0, 6.2 now moves into limited maintenance.

The latest release now supports Jakarta Persistence 3.2. Also, New documentation artifacts have been added. The latest version now generates DAO-style methods for named queries as part of its JPA static metamodel generator.

There are numerous other changes, such as Finder methods, Dynamic SUBSELECT fetch support, Create Criteria from HQL, CriteriaDefinition utility, and much more. Check it out on the official release post below.

Source: Hibernate 6.3.0 (and 6.2.8)

🍃 Spring AI 🤖

The Spring Framework team has launched an experimental project called Spring AI. Yes, it is what it sounds like. The project aims to streamline the AI-related project in Java and more specifically in the Spring ecosystem. Currently, the project integrates with OpenAI and Microsft Azure OpenAI as the backend.

Source: Spring AI

⏪ The Triumph of Modularity with Spring Modulith

The Spring team is on fire this week and made the Spring Modulith a GA with version 1.0.0. It is now fully integrated into the Spring Project and ready for production.

With this, you can structure your spring boot application with modularity in mind. Along with that this does verification for this modular arrangement so that you don’t experience any weird bug.

You can get started on it by visiting the all-powerful, start.spring.io

Source: Spring Modulith 1.0.0

😈 Server Maniac

💻 The Linux 6.5 is at Your Doorstep

Version 6.5 for Linux has finally been released to the public. This update comes with many exciting features and enhancements. The highlight of the update is AMD Ryzen processors’ P-State with aims to better performance and power use across CPU cores. Intel Alder Lake CPUs have also received improved load balancing in a related development.

Linux now has Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) support. Besides that, Linux 6.5 now supports USB 4v2, better sandbox security with Landlock support, and much more.

Source: Linux 6.5 kernel arrives with exciting new features

💁‍♂️ On the other hand

🌅 The Sun has Set for Visual Studio Mac

If you are a Dot Net developer and were using Visual Studio on Mac, well sad news for you. Microsoft has officially axed the Visual Studio for Mac. And will be retiring on 31st August 2024.

In the official blog, Microsoft said, “Visual Studio for Mac 17.6 will continue to be supported for another 12 months, until August 31, 2024, with servicing updates for security issues and updated platforms from Apple. While the decision has been made to retire Visual Studio for Mac, we remain committed to our developers on Mac with alternatives like the recently announced C# Dev Kit for VS Code and other extensions that will allow you to take advantage of our ongoing investments in .NET development on a Mac.”

Source: Visual Studio for Mac Retirement Announcement

Before You Go…

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