Duplicate Words Remover

Remove duplicate words from strings. Create a text or string with unique words or strings only. Ignore case if you want while matching words.

What is Duplicate Remover

The tool "duplicate remover" is created to remove the duplicate words or string from the given text. It easily identifies the duplicate words and removes them from the given string. The duplicate remover can work on numbers or string alike.

How Duplicate Remover Works

We used Javascript to remove the duplicate words from the text. It is fast and efficient and allows us to keep your data on your machine only. It is much more secure than any other online tool as the data is processed on your machine only and not sent to any server for processing.  We are improving the tools day by day, so if any issues are there please feel free to contact us on CodersTea.com.

How to use Duplicate Word Online Tool

It is very easy. Just paste the text into the input box. Then click on the green button. Your results will appear in the second text area. You can copy it directly via the copy button.  You can paste the numbers along with the text to remove the duplicates. The results are generated instantly in the second text area.

How to Remove Case Sensitive Duplicate Words

We have given the Case sensitive option. If checked, it won't remove duplicate words with different cases. Such as Word and word both will be available after removing as they both have a different casing. On the other hand, if unchecked, you will only see either Word or word depending on the position.

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