Random Name Selector Wheel

Spin the Wheel and Select Random name from the list of names. Online free tool to Select Random Names

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Hey Tea Lovers. See the FAQ for Random Name Selector Wheel Online Tool:

What is Random Name Selector Wheel Online Tool?

This Online free tool is a free-to-use tool that selects random names out of multiple names by spinning the wheel. Given the list of names or strings, it will generate a wheel containing these names. After spinning the wheel, whichever name the pointer points to when the wheel spin stops, is the winner. It also stores the winner's list in case we need all the winner's lists.

How to Use this Free Online Name Wheel Tool

In the text box above, you put all the names of strings, each on a separate line. The moment you type the name and hit enter, the wheel is then get divided into equal slots for each name. After you are done entering the names, either you can click on the "Spin the Wheel" button, or directly click on the name wheel to spin it. 

The name-wheel will spin for about 5 seconds and then stop automatically. The small arrow on the top of the wheel is the pointer to the selected names. You don't need to worry about closely looking at it to determine a close call. Once spinning stops, we will alert you of the winner of the name wheel. The winner's name is also get logged or added into the result field below the name wheel.

You can also share the Spin Wheel with Names. SO you can bookmark the current names without worrying about copy pasting the names again and again.

When to Use Random Name Selector Wheel Tool?

There are quite a lot of scenarios where you want to use this name wheel tool. When you need to select a host randomly from the list of names. Or you want to draw out prizes randomly at each spin per user. You can use it among friends. 

One useful use case is who will pay the bill. If you are with your friend's outing, and someone needs to pay for all of it. You can put all your friend's names on it. Spin the name wheel. Whoever is the winner will buy you a chicken diner 😜.

How this tool is Different than other Name Wheel

We are using client-side code to generate the wheel. This makes this a very secure tool because the data never leaves your computer. This random name selector tool is very secure and safe to use.

Along with the security it has few more advantages. Since the random name wheel is generated, spin and name are selected on the client side itself and never leaves the computer, it is much faster. The latency to send the data to the server, compute on the server, and getting the result back over the network is reduced to none. So you get a much faster and richer experience. It's a very quick one too without any fancy and slow animation.

How Random Name Selector Wheel is Created

For starters, we have used bootstrap for the UI design. We are using form-group classes for the text and buttons. And of course, the javascript is used to do all types of things when you click on something.

The main highlight of the tool, the Spinning Wheel, is created by the library named 'Winwheel.js', which you can read about in detail here. We have modified the code a lot to be used in our specific use case.

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