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As a Java Developer or any developer, Add this technologies to your “Learn New things” section of New year resolution’s list of 2022.

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Log4J is such a common library in Java projects that Log4J issue affected millions of Java applications.

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It’s so simple and fast. Explain different annotations for Spring Boot Rest API. These annotations are must need for a REST API in Spring …

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how you can use an in-memory database to test a core Java project, specifically H2 DB. The official name of H2 DB is H2 …

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Resolve Flink’s StreamingFileSink’s incomplete or .inprogress part file issue in Flink Batch Streaming, how you can Sink File in Flink Batch without any issue

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This post is about the basic knowledge you must have to create a Flink Batch using Streaming. and how it’s different from Flink Streaming

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The Squid Game in Java is the terminal based gamed based on the Netflix Squid Game. This post explains how I created it.

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Visual Studio Code aka VSCode extensions that every programmer needs to improve his or her productivity 10 folds. And make it a full fledge …

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Java 17 is about to release in September 2021, so I thought now would be a great time to give you some updates on …

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Let’s discuss what developer’s mistakes you should avoid making your life easier. From my personal experience, I would say the following 6 Mistakes are …

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