by Imran Shaikh

Chandrayaan-3 is on the Moon, Grail 6.0 Released, Python and Excel are Friends and many other Tech News Summaries for Devs

by Mahesh More

Eclipse IDE Plugins that every programmer must-have. These free and easy to use plugins help you to boost your productivity.

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by Imran Shaikh

The new version of Python was released 🐍. ChatGPT can respond to …

by Imran Shaikh

MacOS Sonoma is here 🔥. Free WordPress on Azure? Desktop App from …

by Imran Shaikh

Microsoft Copilot 👨‍✈️, AI right into your PC. 💪 High Performant Serverless …

by Imran Shaikh

Why bombard the Server with too many request, when you can hold …

by Imran Shaikh

Java 21 in the house 🤘. NextJS major performance boost, Dall-E and …

by Imran Shaikh

Ruby on Rails docker support, 16th Version of PostgreSQL, Train AI with …


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