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Java Base64 library have quite 3 types of Base64 techniques. For this, we will be using the inbuilt Java Base64 Encoder and Decoder

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TV or Web Series for programmers that gives programmer that “Yes, this relates to me” moments along with entertainment. HBO, Netflix, Amazon

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Git reset is used for resetting the changes you made in the git branch. You can soft, mixed, or hard git reset the changes.

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Interface is an integral part of java and has become so powerful over the years, that it shifted the way a Java programmer thinks.

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Microservices are nothing but independently operated modules. It is simply the divide and conquers method. But it creates chaos.

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Let’s talk about the JDBC best practices in Java. It will greatly improve the JDBC code performance, maintainability, efficiency , and many more.

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Java 16 Record is a powerful feature that greatly reduces the boilerplate code of POJO. No more external Lombok library.

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