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7 Must have IntelliJ IDEA Plugins in 2021 for Java Developers

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Hey, Tea Lovers! Let’s look at the 7 must-have IntelliJ Idea Plugins in 2021 for Java Developers. These plugins will help you skyrocket your productivity along with some fun elements. Every Java developer using IntelliJ IDEA must add these plugins right after installing Intellij.

However, I also have another list focused on the same topic with different plugins. You can read them on Every Programmer Needs these IntelliJ IDEA Plugins.

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So let us jump right into it. but before that, prepare your cup of tea to sip and code.

Grep Console IntelliJ Plugin

Tired and frustrated by finding something in the log of thousands of lines? Yes, me too. But I found a way to end this suffering. Introducing Grep Console to help you find that event in the log you were searching for ages (Not an official TV Commercial 😜). With the Grep Console plugin in IntelliJ Idea, you can easily search and filter similar to the command. In addition, it also colorizes based on the regex provided as shown in the below image.

More at IntelliJ IDEA Plugin: Grep Console

Intellij Idea plugin Grep Console
Grep Console

IntelliJ plugin for Shortcuts: Key Promoter X

Key Promoter X is the IntelliJ IDEA plugin that helps you memorize shortcuts. If you use your mouse for something and that process has a shortcut, Key Promoter X will give a popup asking you to use the shortcut. Not only that, it shows you the actual shortcut key, along with how many times you forgot to use your shortcut. Pretty neat, huh?

More about the plugin on IntelliJ IDEA Plugin: Key Promoter X

key promoter
Key Promoter: Image Credit: Intellij Blog


With GitToolBox, you can see who changed what in the file i.e. Git Blame. And you don’t have to enter some funky-looking command instead, it gives the information right into the editor itself. Very useful when multiple people are working on the same feature or branch.


IntellIJ IDEA Plugins: SonarLint

SonarLint is a very helpful IntelliJ plugin to improve the quality of your code. SonarLint provides the info about the bugs and vulnerabilities in your code. Not only that, it gives out suggestions on how you can make your code more standardized. And all this happens as you type the code. It helps to identify the issue even before the code is run.

This helps us, developers, to write better and safer code. No more code smell. It can analyze code written in Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Kotlin, Ruby, HTML & PHP.

You can find more details on the IntelliJ IDEA Plugin: SonarLint or SonarLints official website.


Rainbow Bracket: Colorize your Brackets

This is a small plugin but provides a huge benefit. Rainbow Bracket colorized your brackets. By color-coding the pair, opening, and closing, brackets will be of the same color. So we can easily identify which bracket we have missed the closing. Helpful when we have a nested code.

More on Rainbow Bracket here.

Rainbow Bracket
Credits: plugins.jetbrains.com

Fun IntelliJ Plugins: Progress Bars

Most of the time you will look at the progress bars to determine if something is completed or not. Why not make this “wait” more fun? Add Progress Bars plugins. No, it’s not a plugin name, but context. There are various progress bars available in the IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Marketplace. The one with Nyan Cat is pretty popular, named Nyan Progress Bar. I am not a big fan of it, so I am using Mario Progress Bar. Try it, it’s fun. Oh, there is also one with a Street Fighter theme, named Hadouken Progress Bar. I used to have it.

 Mario Progress bar
Mario Progress Bar

IntelliJ Plugins: Extra Icons

Extra Icons are a must when you work on a project with various files. And you know in a single project we have to work with tonnes of different file types and not only Java. Such as .ssh, .env, .yaml and many others. Extra Icons has a huge library of icons for different types of files. Along with files, it also gives icons to different directories as well. Such as config, test, etc.

Extra Icons
Extra Icons


So these were the must-have IntelliJ IDEA Plugins for every Java developer in 2021. I hope this list will be helpful for you and increase your productivity. If I missed anything please let me know in the comments. You can read my previous post on the IntelliJ IDEA shortcut, You Only Need These 7 IntelliJ IDEA Shortcuts to Skyrocket Your Productivity.

See you in the next post. HAKUNA MATATA!!!

I would be happy to connect with you guys on social media. It’s @coderstea on TwitterLinkedinFacebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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