by Imran Shaikh

Google’s Project IDX is an AI powered IDE, Planternetes from k8S, Spring Framework 6.1 M and many more tech news for developers

by Imran Shaikh

Chrome’s AI update, Docker 4.22, and new Typescript 5.2 RC, AWS, and GitLab shake hands, and other tech & dev news this week.

by Imran Shaikh

As a Java Developer or any developer, Add this technologies to your “Learn New things” section of New year resolution’s list of 2022.

by Imran Shaikh

Log4J is such a common library in Java projects that Log4J issue affected millions of Java applications.

by Mahesh More

Why Developers Love Linux. It’s a Kernel of Operating Systems that shapes our 21st-century technologies. Let’s talk about Why you should use Linux

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