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Chrome is AI Smart, Lego Docker, & More Tech News

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Hello Devs! Here are the top news summaries for devs to get up to date in the programming world.

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🍭 Hey Chrome, Make it Short 🤌

Continuing to upgrade their generative AI-powered Search experience (SGE), Google has started rolling out features in Search and Chrome.

After searching a topic, Google will give you a definition preview for certain words to its AI-generated response for various topics. It will be helpful when researching a topic and needing to know about a certain word in a lot more detail.

The major headline is that Chrome will generate a summary of the webpage you are currently visiting. Especially useful in long-form content such as a post or article. It is an experiment in Search Labs called “SGE while browsing,” available in the Google app on Android and iOS, and coming to Chrome on desktops in the days ahead. So keep your Chrome updated.

Source: https://blog.google/products/search/google-search-generative-ai-learning-features/

Source: Google Blog

💰 BSL stamp on Terraform and other HashiCorp Products

HashiCorp, the Terraform parent, has recently adopted the Business Source License (BSL) from  Mozilla Public License v2.0 (MPL 2.0). This includes our beloved Terraform among others. Although the company stated that their APIs, SDKs, and almost all other libraries will remain MPL 2.0.

FYI, BSL 1.1 is a source-available license that allows copying, modification, redistribution, non-commercial use, and commercial use under specific conditions. It’s similar to what other companies are doing such as Cockroach Labs, Sentry, and MariaDB.

But if you are using it for personal use case and not for a multi-billion dollar company, you should be fine.

Source: HashiCorp

🐋 Is it Lego? No, its a new Modular Compose in Docker 4.22

Docker has launched Docker Desktop version 4.22 and it includes include and the low memory consumption.

You can break the complex Compose project into multiple subprojects with include as shown in the image below.

Credit: https://www.docker.com/blog/docker-desktop-4-22/

Another major update is the Resource Saver feature for Mac and Windows. When Resource Saver detects that Docker Desktop is idle without any active containers for a duration of 30 seconds, it automatically reduces the memory and CPU footprint. Now Chrome will have a sigh of relief.

Source: Docker Blog

🔥 Typescript 5.2 RC is Out into the Open 🫣

Release Candidate (RC) for Typescript 5.2 is now available to download. The key feature of this release is the support for ECMAScript’s Explicit resource management with using keyword. This gives much control over the resources in Javascript such as I/O and Memory.

Other features include Decorator Metadata, named and anonymous Tuple elements, easier method usage for unions of arrays, and some optimization in checks along with some breaking changes.

You can download it via NPM with the following command.

npm install -D typescript@rcCode language: CSS (css)

Typescript 5.2 will be generally available on August 22.

Source: Announcing TypeScript 5.2 RC

🤝 AWS and Gitlab are now Brothers 🔥

AWS announced on 14th August, that the AWS Code pipeline now supports the Gitlab.com source repository. With this, you will be able to build, test, and deploy code using AWS CodePipeline with Gitlab’s source repository.

To start using this, you first have to connect your Gitlab account with AWS CodeStar and use that connection in the pipeline. Now, whenever there are any changes in the repository on Gitlab, it will automatically trigger the pipeline on AWS.

Source: AWS CodePipeline now supports GitLab

Visual Studio 2022 version 17.7 is now available

Recently Microsoft announced General Availability (GA) of Visual Studio 2022 version 17.7 with a bunch of new changes and improvements. A few of them are a huge addition to the Visual Studio.

The biggest feature is the File Comparison. This allows you to compare your file with any other file in solution explorer. Another cool this is the ability to create a new Github action flow directly from Solution Explorer.

Performance improvements are not to be taken lightly with F5 speed to All-in-one search responsiveness has been improved. There are a lot of other changes, do take a look at it from the official blog.

Source: Microsoft Blog

To The Next Post

That’s it for the post. Thank you for reading till the end. Do share it with your other dev friends. It requires a lot of effort to search the topics, read and summarise them. And no, I don’t use ChatGPT or Google Bard to summarise the data, I personally read them and pick up the important part on my own.

I will surely expand this to have a proper format to make it more readable and enjoyable.

If you want to contribute or want me to cover certain news, let me know via this Google Form

See you in the next Bytea!!!


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