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Google’s Project IDX: an AI-powered IDE and other Tech news

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“Hello Devs”! Today I have plenty of news for new and interesting releases. Let’s jump into them.

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☁️ Do App Development Wherever you are with IDX

Google has launched an experimental product, Project IDX. Project IDX is a browser-based development experience built on Google Cloud and powered by Codey. The motto is to be able to develop from anywhere, on any device, with the full fidelity of local development.

Credit: https://developers.googleblog.com

Since we are in the middle of an AI War, how can we forget, this will also be powered by AI to help your productivity?

This is still in experiment mode, so it is not generally available yet. You can join the waitlist on Project IDX.

Source: Introducing Project IDX

🌱 palana..planatatata…palatanaa 😞whatever, here is Kubernetes v1.28 ☸️

Kubernetes has announced its 2nd release of the year 2023, Kubernetes v1.28, codenamed (let me copy-paste it) Planternetes.

This release consists of 45 enhancements. Of those enhancements, 19 are entering Alpha, 14 have graduated to Beta, and 12 have graduated to Stable.

The team has really worked hard to provide a long list of updates. Let me show you some of the highlighted ones.

  • Recovery from non-graceful node shutdown is now generally available
  • Improvements to CustomResourceDefinition validation rules
  • Pod replacement policy for Jobs (alpha)
  • And many more, read on the official release page in the source.

Source: Kubernetes v1.28: Planternetes

🍋 Fresh is now Fresher with 1.4

Fresh 1.4 from Deno, is now out. The huge headlines it is making are: much faster page loads with ahead-of-time compilation, some Layout changes, and many more.

Faster page loads with ahead-of-time compilation are ~45-60x faster for a cold start of a serverless function, with minimal impact on deployment times.

Fresh 1.4 also supports for _layout files, which can be described as a route local app wrapper. They can be put in any route folder and Fresh will detect all the layouts that match and stack them on top of each other.

There are many more changes and improvements in Fresh 1.4. Do check them out in the official blog.

Source: Fresh 1.41

🍃 A Milestone hit for Spring Framework 🗿

Spring Team has announced the Spring Framework 6.1 M4, where ‘M’ stands for Milestone release. The latest offering ships with  62 fixes and improvements as stated in the announcements.

This new milestone ships new exciting features, such as:

  • Introduce JdbcClient (a JDBC variant of the R2DBC DatabaseClient)
  • Observability support for JMS (@JmsListener and JmsTemplate)
  • @HttpExchange annotations are now supported for server-side handling (mapping requests to controllers methods)
  • CompletableFuture support for @Cacheable methods
  • New improvements on the web binding and validation theme

This also ships improvements for all existing applications:

  • Improved support for DatabaseClient
  • We tightened a bit the @Bean configuration model to better prevent invalid configurations
  • Better @TestPropertySource support (resource patterns, custom file extensions, text blocks)

The team is planning to release the Spring Boot 3.2 milestone next week.

Source: Spring Blog

💡 Electron, The 26.0.0 🤴

Electron 26.0.0 has been released! It includes upgrades to Chromium 116.0.5845.62, V8 11.2, and Node.js 18.16.1.

You can download it from Electron’s releases website, or use the following NPM command.

npm install electron@latestCode language: CSS (css)

Apart from these changes, it has some breaking changes, such as the deprecation of webContents.getPrinters, deprecated alternate-selected-control-text value for systemPreferences.getColor.

It has also marked the end of support for version  23.x.y

Source and Read more on -> Electron

The next one will include

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If you have any suggestions please do let me know in the comment or read out to me on social media.

If you want to contribute or want me to cover certain news, let me know via this Google Form

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