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Go 1.21 is Out And other Developer News Summary

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“Hello Devs”! I am excited to start this new category in CodersTea to summarize the latest and trending topics such as news, articles, tools, and more in the Development World. Yes, it will be specifically related to Development (I might add some related information too). We are calling it “BYTEA: The Dev News Summary” as in (Byte + Tea) short summaries of news/information for developers.

If you like to know the Format of this and future posts, and how you can contribute, read the last sectionπŸ™

πŸŽ‰ Go Lang 1.21 is Now Out in the Sun β˜€οΈ

On 8th August, the Go team released the latest version of Go, 1.21. A lot of preview features are now ready for production and are an integral part of the Go library. The Go team has worked hard to provide a substantial list of features and improvements. I am not a Gopher (yet), but I will try to list notable changes mentioned on the official release page.

The headline for the release would be Profile Guided Optimization or PGO for short is now GA (general availability). The Go team mentioned that it can give a 2-7% performance boost for most of the programs they tested. This jump can be as high as 70% in some cases.

They added a builtin function for min, max and clear. I looked at the document and it seems to take almost 3 arguments for min and max. Feel free to check their official doc.

There are more additions and changes in libraries such as cmp, maps, slices and logs.

Please visit the official release page and see the other changes.

Source: https://go.dev/blog/go1.21

🦝 No Intrusion Anymore in AWS NLB ☁️

AWS recently announced that Network Load Balancer now supports Security Groups.  With this, you can filter the traffic your NLB accepts and forwards to your app. This simplifies network security management. You can also allow only specific IP addresses to access the NLB.

To prevent load imbalance by directly accessing the resources, the security team makes resources available only through load balancers.

Source: AWS Announcements

β˜•οΈ Java 21 is Getting Closer to the Finish Line 🏁

Java 21 General Availability date is a little month from now, on 19th Sept to be precise. The changes are set in stoned and release candidates are heading out. As a Java developer, I am totally excited about the GA of JDK 21.

There are numerous changes and additions to Java 21, a few being moved to the next stages of preview or incubation. Virtual thread, in my opinion, would be the Top highlight of the features Java 21 is bringing. Record Pattern would be the game changer. And I have already talked about the Switch being on steroids in my previous post “Java Switch Statement is now more Powerful“. Now Pattern Matching with Switch would take it up one step further.

I will surely write more about them in brief and individually, so keep visiting CodersTea πŸ’ͺ

Source: Open JDK

🏘️ The Hustle and Bustle at Home is Gone πŸ™ˆ

This is not dev-specific news, but surely you will notice it sooner or later. Youtube has recently announced they will pause the recommendation for the videos if you have your watch history turned off. Yes, now stare at the dark void on the screen in dark mode. Just kidding. It will show you the message “Your watch history is off,” and you will need to turn it on to see recommended videos. Now you can watch a random funny cat video, and YouTube won’t bombard your home page with funnier cat thumbnail videos and distract you from watching that Tutorial you opened six months ago.

This update will be rolled out to all users gradually over the next few months. Some users are already seeing it. A controlled release, as they say.

Source: The Verge

That’s it For Today And Here is what I Promised at Beginning

So how will this Short Summary work? I thought it would be a good idea to share with you whatever I come across of developers-related news. So here is my plan.

The post would summarize the news or information regarding any topic in the development ecosystem, such as Programming Language, Dev tools, Servers, IDEs, or sometimes trending topics related to tech in general. Sometimes it would be a lot of summaries, sometimes it’s 2-3 topics only. Not every week would be a hot week, isn’t it? For now, It would be a weekend post, but surely will post something in between weeks, if a lot of things come at once.

For last, this same info would be posted across social media and my new platform Qramaank.com. Also, I can’t know everything in the world so if you want to contribute or want me to cover certain news, let me know via this Google Form. If it’s a piece we don’t already have, I will make sure to add you to the source credit πŸ˜‰.

See you in the next BYTEA!!!


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