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Programming News Shorts, 29th Oct

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“Hello Devs”! Here are the top Programming news shorts for you.

⏭️ NextJs 14 is Out
πŸ’Ž A WebAssembly from Ruby with Ruvy
πŸ”¦ PyTorch 2.1
πŸ¦€ Go The Rust Way for Nginx Module
πŸ“Š Delivery Metric to the Notification by Apple 🍎
and Much more in today’s Programming News Shorts Stories.

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πŸ’ͺ Work with Framework

⏭️ NextJs 14 is Out

Vercel, the team behind NextJs a Popular React Framework has announced the latest version 14. This version has few updates including an update to Turbopack, which offers 53% faster local server startup and 94% faster code updates with Fast Refresh.

Server Actions is now stable and has been integrated with caching & revalidating. The updates also include Partial Prerendering in preview mode. Look at the source for more detail.

Source: Next.js 14

πŸ’Ž A WebAssembly from Ruby with Ruvy

Shopify has recently open-sourced a project called Ruvy. Ruvy is a toolchain that takes Ruby code as input and creates a WebAssembly module that will execute that Ruby code.

There are other options for creating Wasm modules from Ruby code. The most common one is ruby.wasm. Ruvy is built on top of ruby.wasm to provide some specific benefits

Source: Introducing Ruvy

πŸ”¦ PyTorch 2.1

PyTorch 2.1 release was announced in keynote session at the recent PyTorch Conference 2023. ExecuTorch was introduced to enhance PyTorch’s performance on mobile and edge devices.

The latest version of PyTorch supports automatic dynamic shape support and enhancements in distributed training.

One notable feature for PyTorch 2.1 is the Automatic Dynamic Shape Support in torch.compile, which allows for dynamic input shapes in model architectures.

Source: PyTorch 2.1 Release Supports Automatic Dynamic Shape Support and Distributed Training Enhancements

😈 Server Maniac

πŸ“Š Delivery Metric to the Notification by Apple 🍎

To help developers gauge delivery of notifications in production, the Push Notification Console now includes metrics to get insights into the behavior of an app and its integration with the Apple Push Notification service (APNs).

Introduced at WWDC23, the Push Notification Console provides an intuitive web interface to send notifications and validate end-to-end push functionality.

Source: Apple Adds Delivery Metrics to Its Push Notification Console

πŸ¦€ Go The Rust Way for Nginx Module

NGINX announced the availability of ngx-rust project, allowing developers to write NGINX modules in Rust. The Rust programming language has emerged as a powerful and popular choice due to its stability, security features, rich ecosystem, and strong community support.

The ngx-rust project comprises two key crates, nginx-sys and ngx. See more about it in the Source Below.

Source: NGINX Modules Can Now Be Written in Rust

I Just Came Across This πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

πŸ—žοΈ One Liner FYI ℹ️

πŸ” Google to release Credential Manager for Android

🧡 Instagram head says Threads API is in the works

😱 Kubernetes And Kernel Panics – A blog by Netflix Engineering

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β˜•οΈ Java Shava πŸ•Ί“, The Dancing Stage for Java Developers.

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“πŸ’ͺ Work with Framework” is a bucket filled with frameworks we use.

“πŸ› οΈ You Tool” is a group for IDEs, editors, or any tools devs use.

“☁️ Cloud and You” will be all about cloud news such as from AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

“😈 Server Maniac” wants to grab all the server content such as Kafka, Databases, Kubernetes, and more.

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I Just Came Across This πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ” is just random news I encountered.

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