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16th PostgreSQL, Train AI on your Org’s Data- Developer News, 19th Sep

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“Hello Devs”! Here are the top developer’s news summaries for you.

Ruby on Rails docker support, 16th Version of PostgreSQL, Train AI with your Company Data with AWS Bedrock, Free WordPress on Azure, and many other stories in today’s developer’s news summaries for 19th Sep.

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💪 Work with Framework

🛤️ Ruby on Rails extends Docker support

With the beta release of Ruby on Rails 7.1, the Ruby-based web application framework will now produce all the Dockerfiles needed to deploy an application.

When generating a new application, the framework will now include Docker-related files. These files are turned for production use with caching layers, multi-stage building to minimize large image sizes, and dependencies needed whether developers use a JavaScript build environment or not.

Source: Ruby on Rails extends Docker support

😈 Server Maniac

🐘 The 16th Version of PostgreSQL has been released

Announced last week, PostgreSQL 16 contains many new features and enhancements. A lot of changes and introductions are very likely to help big organizations handle their accounts more easily.

Such as Admin Privileges. As a normal SQL user, you and I won’t be able to understand how much impact those do. But if you like to know more about the changes in detail. Do checkout the source below.

Source: PostgreSQL 16

☁️ Cloud and You

🪨 Train AI with your Company Data with AWS Bedrock

Amazon has announced another feature of the latest (preview) Agents for Amazon Bedrock.  Agents for Amazon Bedrock, is a new capability for developers to create generative AI applications that complete tasks. The latest feature now will allow developers to securely connect foundation models (FMs) to thier company’s data sources using agents.

AWS Agent

Source: Preview – Connect Foundation Models to Your Company Data Sources with Agents for Amazon Bedrock

🆓 Free WordPress on Azure?

One year after introducing WordPress on Azure App Service, Microsoft has started offering a free hosting tier for developers to explore with WordPress on Azure without incurring any costs (almost).

The new WordPress playground relies on App Service F1 free tier and on Azure Database for MySQL free trial and may entail charges depending on your subscription type to those services.

Source: Azure Launches Free Playground for WordPress on App Service

🛠️ You Tool

🌄 Visual Studio 2022 17.8 Preview 2 has arrived!

Microsoft has launched the 2nd Preview of Visual Studio 2022 17.8. It comes with a lot of features ranging from productivity to debugging and enterprise management.

Such as Editing pull requests with markdown, C11 Threading support for C++ & game dev. Improved Autocompletion for F#, test profiling with VS profiler, and Streamlined client initialization steps for IT administrators among many others.

Source: Visual Studio 2022 17.8 Preview 2 has arrived!

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