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Java 21 with Lots of New Features, Developer News, 21 Sep

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“Hello Devs”! Here are the top developer’s news summaries for you.

Java 21 in the house 🤘. NextJS major performance boost. Dall-E and ChatGPT shake hands. NodeJs new version, iOS 17 on iPhone. Splunk, and Cisco? GitHub’s Open Source Rival? And many more developer’s news summaries.

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☕️ Java Shava 🕺

☕️ Wait is Over, Java 21 is Launched 2️⃣1️⃣

The wait is finally over. Java 21 i.e. JDK 21 reached General Availability on 19 September 2023. The hype is real and why not? Not only does it bring new features, but it is also an LTS release.

The most awaited one, Virtual Threads is finally a production-ready feature. Record Pattern for destructuring the fields of records (kinda). Pattern matching for switch. A lot of enhancements under the hood on JVMs.

I will surely write the synopsis of a daily used feature for Java 21 similar to my previous posts.

Source: JDK 21

💪 Work with Framework

⏭️ The Next version for Next is Next.js 13.5

Vercel, the team behind the popular web framework, NextJS, has announced the release of Next.js 13.5. The focus of the update is mostly on the performance of the overall framework.

The release notes claim 22% faster local server startup, 29% faster HMR, 40% less memory, and next/Image improvements among hundreds of bug fixes. You can read the official release notes in the source below.

Source: NextJS 13.5

🤝 United by Programming

⬆️ Here is The New Node JS Feature You Wanted

The NodeJS team announced the new version of NodeJS, Node v20.6.0. It brings an update that will make NodeJs developers excited.

The update includes built-in .env file support. Yes, starting from Node.js v20.6.0, Node.js supports .env files for configuring environment variables. In addition to environment variables, this change allows you to define your NODE_OPTIONS directly in the .env file, eliminating the need to include it in your package.json. Among many other updates.

Source: Node v20.6.0 (Current)


🏞️ OpenAI releases third version of DALL-E

OpenAI announced the third version of its generative AI visual art platform DALL-E, which now lets users use ChatGPT to create prompts and includes more safety options. 

This new version of DALL-E will be first released to ChatGPT Plus and ChatGPT Enterprise users in October, followed by research labs and its API service in the fall. OpenAI plans to stagger the release of DALL-E 3 but did not commit to when a free public version will be released.

Source: OpenAI releases third version of DALL-E

💁‍♂️ On the other hand

📱 iOS 17 on the iPhone 🤘

Apple has released its recent major updates to iOS with iOS 17. These major updates bring a lot of shiny new features along with many enhancements to existing ones.

Lots of updates are pushed to apps such as Phone, Message, and FaceTime. Profile in Safari, Interactive Widgets, Improved Autocorrect in Keyboard among many others. See the official source below for a full list.

Source: About iOS 17 Updates

I Just Came Across This 🤷‍♂️

The One Liner FYI 🤷‍♂️

🌲 Gitness, an Open Source Alternative to Github

⭐️ Cisco to acquire Splunk in $28B mega deal – TechCrunch

⭐️ OpenAI unveils DALL-E 3, allows artists to opt out of training – TechCrunch

Before You Go…

See you in the Next Dev Summaries, But

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I Just Came Across This 🤷‍♂️” is just random news I encountered.

See you in the next Post.


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